06. dec. 2023

ICS og IFSMA sætter fokus på angreb mod handelsskibe i Det Røde Hav

I lyset af de angreb, der de seneste dage har været på handelsskibe i Det Røde Hav, fik ICS og IFSMA i mandags helt usædvanligt taletid i IMO. Normalt er det ellers kun repræsentanter fra regeringer, der har lov til at tale her.

Billede til nyheden ICS og IFSMA sætter fokus på angreb mod handelsskibe i Det Røde Hav

IFSMA er den internationale skibsførerforening, som Lederne Søfart er en del af.

Vi bringer udtalelsen fra de to parter herunder:
ICS / IFSMA joint statement – agenda item 11 – Monday 4 December

"Thank you madam Vice President

Madam Vice President, Secretary General, your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of ICS & IFSMA, we would like to highlight to Assembly our serious concerns regarding the recent attacks against commercial ships transiting the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, including 3 more over the weekend.

In all cases, these vessels are conducting their right of freedom of navigation and innocent passage. The attacks are a flagrant breach of international law and maritime norms by paramilitary forces in Yemen.

These attacks must stop immediately and the innocent seafarers released.

The cost to the safety and well-being of the seafarers on board those ships, while in the service of global trade, being embroiled in these attacks, should not be underestimated and we would ask all of you to consider how you would feel were this you or a member of your family facing such hostility.

Industry has issued routing guidance for ships in the region, and it is strongly urged that any vessel transiting these waters conduct a thorough threat and risk assessment, taking into account guidance from their flag State and P&I Club.

Nevertheless, commercial ships’ self-protection measures against a well-armed and capable antagonist can only go so far, and we firmly believe that the well-developed maritime security architecture in the region should be brought to bear to ensure that no other ships and their crew fall victim to such aggression.

Furthermore, noting the complexity of the situation, we would call on those States that have influence in the region to use everything within their power to maintain freedom of navigation, and dissuade the antagonists from persisting in this aggressive and illegal action that disrupts trade, and victimises innocent seafarers.

We thank you for allowing us to make this statement today and we would request that it be recorded in the report of the Assembly."

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